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OK! I told you if I found out how to solve my problem with Mysql5,Php5,Apache 2 or 2.2 with mysqli extentions on linux the world would read about it here. A friend built a system just like I need so I'm gonna do a fresh install of CentOS on Atlas and see how it goes.

CentOS (FC4, RHEL) install

I'm going to detail the installation of CentOS 4.2 here but it applies equally to FC and Red Hat. Some things are just obvious. Once you've backed up any thing you want on the drive your going to install on, boot the computer with the CD/DVD, hit enter when prompted to boot. At the welcome screen there's nothing to do but click next. Language selection is next, then keyboard type, I use english but you might use something else for these. Next comes installation type, desktop, workstation, server, custom.


We are so close to submitting to Google and others that I can taste it. I'm sure that once we get this going we should be able to offer eCommerce soultions to all our clients at CMRweb and CMRny.

New OS for Achilles & Atlas

Ok Achilles is now running CentOS4.2, It's Red Hat EL based, not so cutting edge as Fedora, supposed to be much more stable. Achilles is plain vanilla CentOS, but Atlas will get MySQL5 from testing repos and maybe Apache2.0.55? but I think I'm gonna have to compile Php5. I need to remember to set selinux permissions on all web available directories and samba files, have to remember to call mysqld_safe to start that daemon. I'm using Achilles as a reference for any selinux issues. Still getting gpg key error with one of the repos gotta figure that out now.

Cracked open an apple

Wow! Had to replace a hard drive in Chrissy's apple notebook tonight. Went pretty well. The Apple store wanted $300+ for the same size drive in the powerbook (37g), but I asked the 'genius' if I could install a drive myself if I wanted to, and he said yeah sure. So we got a Toshiba 60g drive for just under $100, and just followed the directions (found by a search of Apple's site) and we''re golden now. Reinstalling the OS (10.2) now and all will be right with the world.

More conquest

Rewrote the C++ program to better handle the streams from the mro datafile. Now I output to a temp file then read it in SUCCESSFULLY. What an acheivement to say that we can finally start building the database for our NYSE customers. Hopefully something very good will come from this soon.


Finally got OsCommerce installed and running properly. It took a rebuild of Atlas with Fedora Core 2, Apache 2, php 4, MySQL 3, w/ ftp & samba, something like the production server. I still think I'm going to have trouble with the FC4, Apache2, php5, MySql4 combination, but I'll have to figure that out later.


Finally, figured out how to setup ftp and apache to suit my needs for a test server in house. Should be easy enough to configure the other machine now. Had to create a user and group just for ftp and give it the home directory of the web server root, then added all regular users to the same group. Lost mysql connection but a restart of the daemon fixed that.


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