Installing and using egit, the eclipse git plugin

I use the latest PDT version of eclipse (Helios) as my IDE of choice, and have used the built-in cvs and add-on svn-kit plugins for version control for many years. When I first started using git, I guess I didn't think there was a git plug-in for eclipse or that the ones I saw just weren't stable enough, so I just went to the command line to do the git work then back to eclipse to continue coding. Now that Drupal has moved their whole repository from cvs to git, I thought it might be time to add the e-git plug-in to eclipse so that I don't have to leave eclipse to get git work done.


Spamicide, a new Drupal module to help fight spam

I've just released a new Drupal module that uses an idea that I heard about a short time ago. The idea is to add a field to a form and hide it with css. If a bot fills in the field, reject the form without any notice (do bots really check for success?), without impacting the user experience. Other devices require extra user interaction.



All I can say is WOW. The New York City Drupal community is large, healthy, inquisitive and growing. I enjoyed the first day immensely. What's amazing is that I actually found myself answering a lot more questions than I got to even ask. This significantly helped me get over the "suck factor" hump, now maybe if I actually blogged more about my experiences I could feel I've accomplished more and help others more. Drupal is really a very robust, flexible, modular content management system. Some would argue this point and say it's much more than that. I couldn't agree more.


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