BO$$ is closer

Mysql5 Php5 and Apache are living nicely on Atlas. Boss is comming along nicely. Boss is Brokerage Operations Support System and it's my all engrossing project right now. I want to use the new features of MySQL and Php 5 with Apache 2 or maybe 2.2 if it's better in some way. As always it'll be better with a little help from my friends. Got the trade data sorted out ok, now I need to stitch the customer side of the database together in a logical fashion, and link these to the trades and orders. Most of this is being done using SQL. Then I have to design and build screens in php/javascript/html to input/edit customer data. I would love to be able to build objects to get this done along with a security object to make sure it's all locked down so my clients won't have to worry about their info being looked at by other parties. I'm gonna have to buy or lease some serious hardware for production. Found a great colocation site here on L.I. to place my servers, exellent physical and network security, duplication of power and net connections, in fact they were still going strong during the blackout a couple of years ago.

I figure I need a dual processor/raid server just for the database and a high end single processor machine for the web server, then if I need another DB server it'll be a snap to add it. Some friends of mine in the Linux community are helping out with code or scripts that I think may be useful. Many thanks guys.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.