CentOS project in peril

Just read a post that the CentOS project may be in trouble. Read more at http://www.daniweb.com/blogs/entry4597.html. This would be a blow to many businesses, mostly small, that rely on it for a RedHat compatible distro. I know a lot of people are gonna scream "why not use Debian" or some other linux. Good question, but I believe we have to support our favorite distros, and I'm sure some shops are trying to keep their costs down by having just a few of their servers running RedHat and others running a clone like CentOS, so they're only having to pay the support fees on those few running RH. I'm not against Debian, I have 4 CentOS servers and 1 Debian, and I like this setup for my needs. It will be dark days indeed if many distros go extinct because of this dire economy, so support your favorite distro before it disappears.