Choices, choices

My take on the Rad Hat based distros:

I like the various Red Hat based distros for my purposes ( Apache, MySql, Php, etc..). RHEL I can't afford yet. Fedora Core is very nice mostly but a little cutting edge for me, and it's life cycle is a little quick for me also, just got somewhat comfortable with FC4 and now they're close to releasing FC5. CentOS is basically the same as RHEL but with all the branding taken out but all of the stability still there. I have some applications running fine on FC4 and others don't like it much, but CentOS runs most everything I truly need and I can live without the others (yumex). I may have to use FC4 for my latest project, because I can't get Php5 to compile with mysqli extentions for MySql5 on CentOS, it won't even configure without telling me to reinstall the MySql package. I know, I know, RTFM or look in the forums. I HAVE!!! Everybody else has got a problem with this or that but there's always something else in the equation that isn't equal to mine. I need MySql5, Php5, Apache 2.0 or 2.2 on a linux (NOT WINDOZE) with mysqli extentions, NOTHING LESS. I want to use the new features of both Php and Mysql and it's not gonna happen until i can solve the problem. Believe me if I find a solution the whole world can read about it here.