Drupal Con DC 2009

DrupalCon DC 2009 here we come. Hope this snow clears up some time before we leave tomorrow morning. I'm disappointed I was unable to attend DrupalCampNYC this past Saturday. It got a pretty decent write up in the NY Times yesterday though. We needed a laptop for the conference, and I tried all week to get my old ThinkPad T20 (Perseus) to run Win2k/Ubuntu 8.04 (8.10 was very finicky on this system) with a Linksys wpc54g ver4 wireless card but there aren't any drivers that I could find (even at Linksys) to help me out under either OS. So we discussed it and Deb is now the proud owner of a new MacBook named Astraea. I spent all day yesterday loading and setting up eclipse, textwrangler, drupal and anything else she'll need at the conference and afterword. Thor (my ThinkPad T60p) is ready as ever (eclipse and drupal under either XP or Ubuntu 8.10). Hope to see friends and make a lot of new ones there.