Drupal Training

Its been debated which CMS is best. I've done some work in Mambo/Joomla, MediaWiki and Zen-Cart, had a little experience Wordpress, but I've decided that Drupal may be most complex most flexible system available to todays webmasters, so its off to Providence RI. to attend a Lullabot.com Drupal training seminar for a week. Then I start a new contract position at MYU Medical Center, this should be exciting.

I've just used Drupal to build Chrissy's new portfolio site ( chrissy.roepken.net ), it only took me a week and a half, and its not finished yet but its pretty good so far. She's my daughter, a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and looking for work as an artist preferably in the web field. After the training, I should be able to really style it nicely after next week.