Persistance Pays

Well, it's official, I'm no longer unemployed. Got my first paycheck. Pretty cool company. They were a combination Java and .NET shop up until now, but they started having clients ask about open source software, so they hired me and another guy (I think he's on contract?) as Php/Lamp developers.

My first project is a customization of Mediawiki (yay), so whatever I learn, I may be able to put to good use on the Lilug site, if anyone asks. The learning curve is not steep at all really. I bought the only book on Mediawiki, it's not really needed though. The author's English is downright awful, and it's a shade expensive ($39.99) for only 270 pages with the first 4 chapters info is basically available in the docs at The 5th through 11th chapters are somewhat useful in that they gather info that's kinda spread out in the online docs, so I'll probably get some use out of it.

Wish me luck!