Which distro for solid MySQL server

Eenie meanie minie ... Hey mo!!!

Ok, had Debian 3.1 (sarge) up and running but couldn't get MySQL5 package through synaptic. Next I downloaded and burned discs for Suse 10, loaded that and after a very user friendly install ( I think that's Yast) all things looked rosy. After setting up Apache, and confirmed it running, I tried to setup an ftp server but the one Suse offers is tftp and that's mostly for a linux net start repository for other machines to boot from via ftp. Couldn''t login with filezilla from another machine under multiple differing ftp server configurations using Yast. Then yast doesn't launch at all. So, I figured I''d load another OS and start again. Reloaded Debian, what a pain. You have to feed in 14 discs to let the initial bash shell know where to find a file, then you have to load any or all of those discs back in. Well, murphy's law, after much loading Debian tells me it can't mount the cdrom. I tried to change the repositories for getting packages, but I can''t figure out how to set the address or something else needed for that. Debian DID run very nicely when it was running last and it offered webmin which I may have to learn how to work with.

Here's the thing, I'd like to run MySQL 5, Php 5, and have it run with Apache 2, you know LAMP. There must be 100's of forums, 1 or more for each linux distro and then at least 1 for each other piece of the puzzle, but where to look first.

Fedora Core 4 is running very nicely on 2 other servers here. Titan runs FC4, Apache2, Php5, Mysql 4.1. Atlas runs FC4, Apache2, Php5, and I've loaded MySQL5 but can't get much of anything to work yet. I really like using Phpmyadmin to control MySQL but it''s not working yet, php complains it doesn't have the MySQL extensions loaded, and Yumex (FC4's package manager) bitched and moaned when I tried to remove MySQL4 to get 5 on, saying it would remove packages needed for Php (and others) to talk to MySQL.

What to do with Achilles then! Mandriva 10.1, Unbuntoo, Fedora Core2, FC4. Debian still may be possible if I can load all those disks onto one of my other servers in the public_ftp directory and allow anonomous access and try an ftp install from there after the initial disc, it's worth a try. Suse was best at hardware, it ran very nicely on Perseus (IBM T20 notebook). FC4 is well known to me, but I already have 2. I have Madriva(Madrake) and FC4 running on Perseus with Win2k in multi-boot fashion. I really DON'T want to run a Windows server for this project but it actually might be easier to get the pieces working together. THAT would suck, possibly ruining my plans for a linux only solution.

So the problem boils down to, which distro will let me load Apache2, MySQL5, Php5 and how. What should a person do, google it