Drush: the Drupal shell utility

Drush while not strictly a module, is listed on drupal.org as a module for lack of a better classification. Drush is a set of shell scripts that can be used to better manage drupal installations because it actually does a limited bootstrap of the drupal environment, connecting to the database that it finds available in the nearest settings.php file.


Installing and using egit, the eclipse git plugin

I use the latest PDT version of eclipse (Helios) as my IDE of choice, and have used the built-in cvs and add-on svn-kit plugins for version control for many years. When I first started using git, I guess I didn't think there was a git plug-in for eclipse or that the ones I saw just weren't stable enough, so I just went to the command line to do the git work then back to eclipse to continue coding. Now that Drupal has moved their whole repository from cvs to git, I thought it might be time to add the e-git plug-in to eclipse so that I don't have to leave eclipse to get git work done.


Installing Git on a CentOS 5.5 server

A lot of people are realizing the benefits of using a distributed version control system such as Git over Svn or Cvs. I won't be discussing the pros and cons, just how I got it installed on a CentOS 5.5 server. If you'd like to install git on a laptop/desktop I suggest you follow the instructions for that at github, this link will redirect to the appropriate OS it detects that you are using, COOL! That page also has many very useful git links in the sidebar.


Ellie participating in Blogathon2009. Please sponsor her for a worthy cause.

Ellie (my daughter) is doing blogathon again this year. It's for a worthy cause, Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. Ellie did quite a bit of research to make sure that a large percentage of the money donated to this foundation is actually used for research, whereas others had lower percentages.


Spamicide, a new Drupal module to help fight spam

I've just released a new Drupal module that uses an idea that I heard about a short time ago. The idea is to add a field to a form and hide it with css. If a bot fills in the field, reject the form without any notice (do bots really check for success?), without impacting the user experience. Other devices require extra user interaction.



All I can say is WOW. The New York City Drupal community is large, healthy, inquisitive and growing. I enjoyed the first day immensely. What's amazing is that I actually found myself answering a lot more questions than I got to even ask. This significantly helped me get over the "suck factor" hump, now maybe if I actually blogged more about my experiences I could feel I've accomplished more and help others more. Drupal is really a very robust, flexible, modular content management system. Some would argue this point and say it's much more than that. I couldn't agree more.



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